Mobile applications development

We develop complex solutions for mobile devices (Windows Phone, Android & iPhone) and integrate them in the existing software environment of a company. Such integrated systems allow a high optimization of business processes within a company. We develop complex integrated systems or analytical applications which are conceived to meet the specific business and technical requirements of each company. We use camera drones and other modern technology to create engaging and viral content. Recently we experimented with some kids drones and achieved great results.

You can rely on our expertise when it comes to Mobile application development and, if you start  the development with us, please consider other available platforms – Windows Phone, Android & iPhone for cross-platform development.

Mobile solutions are indispensable in marketing, sales and customer service as well as for managers’ activity. The use of mobile devices leads to greater productivity and increased business value. The possibility to access business solutions and company data from anywhere saves time and money and guarantees uninterrupted business processes functioning irrespective of the location of the mobile workforce.

By implementing mobile applications within your company you will benefit from improved employee connectivity, increased sales efficiency, enhanced customer service and better process and operation visibility. You will also be able to reduce or even eliminate delays and costs due to communication and information collection or transcription.

With a high level of technical competence we plan, develop and implement mobile applications for the Sales Force Automation, Field Service Automation as well as various Industry Specific Solutions and offer our customers assistance and consultancy to integrate these applications in their existing software environment.

Mobile Development Services:

  • development and implementation of mobile-enabled applications;
  • adding mobile interfaces to existing applications;
  • ensure data synchronization between mobile devices and enterprise applications;
  • integration of standard mobile applications into the customer’s software infrastructure;
  • configuration and customization of standard mobile applications;