Selecting an appropriate outsourcing model it depends on the nature and incidence of the activity to be outsourced correlated with the needs of your company. Due to our expertise within IT outsourcing industry, technical strengths, and transparency of service delivery, we collaborate with companies of different organizational structures to help them manage key areas of IT services.

Reasons to outsource IT services to us:

  • access to superior skill sets (develop applications faster)
  • free up resources to keep your focus on core competence, and strategic objectives.
  • cost reduction
  • industry expertise and best practices to help you achieve competitive advantages
  • all staff is fluent with English, german language also
  • geographical and cultural proximity

What can be outsourced:

  • development and testing
  • operational side
  • management of the IT activities

With global outsourcings of IT emerging as a highly effective option, we are able to provide five different collaboration models to our clients. You are able to choose which outsourcing setup best fits to your organization and to upgrade according to you further needs.

Basic model (ad-hoc/staff augmentation)

We provide “on-demand” specific skilled resources or identified profiles to supplement the personnel the customer need it at a time. The work is carried as instructed by the client on activities and prices outlined in agreement.

You may use this to expand current capacity to serve short-term immediate business needs.

That helps you to lower costs and minimizes the unutilized full time employees or to cover the ramp-up stages of a project.

Dedicated Development Team

The engagement on this model is long-term and the knowledge is kept within the team while the members do not change. The project management can be done either onshore, by the client, or shared with the offshore Project Manager as we work hand in hand with our client for end-to-end execution of the project. A fixed monthly price is paid per developer or per team. This model guarantees persistence of the same team from one project to another while the personnel can be deployed on customer site for a specific period of time.

This model allows the customer to have its own extension of the software department at affordable prices.

Project based model

This is a collaborative model where we take complete responsibility for a project while the customer regularly monitors the end outcomes (i.e. system testing, migration to new platform). We will bring all needed skills to complete each task within the project and will provide the project management expertise. The progress is determined against specific benchmarks established upfront in a clear Service Level Agreement.

You will be focusing towards the final results or desired outcomes rather than on the daily operations.

Out – tasking (effort based)

The client keeps overall control and management of the project while we are performing specific tasks assigned. It involves task-based responsibilities from our side: we estimate the requirements needed to accomplish a particular task based on the parameters provided by the client and then assume the responsibility for satisfactory completion. Invoicing is made at the end of the month, based on a fixed hourly rate negotiated at the beginning of the project.

This model is useful when you need to fill certain skill gaps that can easily be disaggregated in your company’s processes. Adopting such a model enables the client to maximize the budget without compromising any aspect of the project.

Strategic Sourcing – managed service

This model involves long-term engagement as it is based on mutual trust and transparency with a commitment from both sides. We act also as a consultant as it could be an option if you want to start your own subsidiary at a certain moment in time.

Upon understanding your business requirements, strategies and pains, we can work together to deliver a whole range of services including: designing, developing, testing and improving the applications.